We are committed to creating a workplace where our people can grow in personal ability and professional skills.

Personal Development

We evaluate the career development trend of all employees and give planning and suggestions to help them grow and develop, so as to support the company to cope with the ever-changing market demand.

"Employee career development training" is designed and implemented by our training experts. It is an important indicator to evaluate the work of the human resources department.

In order to make our new employees DO NOT feel at a loss when they enter the company, we organize training for new employees, so that the new employees who enter the company at the same time can understand the basic structure of the company, the functions of various departments, the development process and the work process on the one hand, and be familiar with colleagues and the environment on the other hand, so as to give employees a sense of happiness.

In order to make our employees know more about the needs of customers and the company's products, we organize training courses every month, so that employees in different positions can continuously improve and progress in their work. These courses include: Basic Knowledge of Products, Basic Knowledge of Product After Sales, Customer Relationship Processing, Basic Knowledge of E-Commerce Operation, Customer Demand Simulation Exercise, etc

As part of employee benefits, we also provide management training courses. Our courses include: President Training Courses, Management and Management Methods Training, Product Positioning Training, Business English, Business and Market Analysis, etc. We help employees improve their industry skills, management skills and personal abilities.

Health & Safety

We Care About
The Health and Safety of Our People


Dartek found employee relationship group, directly managed by human resource director, committed to building a harmonious, equal and respectful company atmosphere. All disputes among employees are communicated, coordinated and handled in accordance with the principle of mutual respect, and the dignity and labor of each employee are fully respected.

Culture of Safety

Dartek has set up a production safety group, which is committed to production safety, plant safety, food safety, accommodation safety, etc., providing a full range of safety services for employees.

Third-party Recognitions

2020 Nantong Best Employer - By ZhiLian(Top 3 hiring app in China).

Benefits & Perks


We have robust policies, frameworks and processes in place to ensure our compensation package is the most competitive in the industry. It consists of competitive pay, stock options, bonuses, and benefit programs.

& Perks

  • Physical examination
  • Health Insurance
  • Employee Injured Insurance
  • Maternity Insurance
  • Endowment insurance
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Housing Provident Fund
  • Free Accommodation
  • Paid Leave
  • High Temperature Subsidy
  • Occupational disease examination
  • Psychological Counseling Room
Diversity & Inclusion

A diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace culture are attractive to potential employees and provide us with an edge when competing for talent and in retaining talented people.

Gender Diversity

Dartek supports and showcases the advancement of women to senior leadership positions and promotes gender diversity in the boardroom. Dartek is proud to present that in 2019, women account for 30% of senior management.


Our value of “Honest, respect Each other”enhance the happiness of our employees, let them feel respected, and then they will put all their enthusiasm and efforts in the work, and get good results. So as to make the company develop better and faster.

Our Employee Committee is dedicated to give voice to all of our employees in the decision-making process. Everyone is free to participate and express their concerns, ideas are exchanged freely.



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